Kosibay Lakes

Bordering on Mozambique, the 11, 000 ha Kosi Bay Nature Reserve is a tropical paradise of crystal clear water and marshland, where endemic Raffia and Wild Date Palms, Mangrove and Sycamore Fig forests flourish. Unspoiled stretches of coastline and some of the highest forested coastal dunes in the world, separate the Indian Ocean from the most pristine lake system on the Southern African coast.

​The lake system is made up of four, crystal clear, inter-connected lakes, which drain via a sandy estuary into the Indian Ocean, ensuring an abundant variety of fish, making Kosi Bay Estuary one of the great snorkelling destinations in the park. The four lakes, Lake Makhawulani, Lake Mpungwini, Lake Kunlange and Lake Amanzamyama, form part of the tribal home of the Tsonga people ( Zulu and Shangaan ) and their traditional Tsonga fish kraals, which are passed down from generation to generation and are still in use today.